6 Tips to Figure Out How Much Square Footage You Need 

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Are you searching for the perfect home but aren’t sure how much square footage you need? Don’t worry – this decision can easily be made with some easy tips. Consider your lifestyle and the number of things you own, and think long-term. These are just a few simple steps to assist you on this journey. Soon enough, you will find the perfect home with the correct square footage for yourself and your household members. 

  1. How much square footage you need depends on the number of household members 

One of the best tips to help you decide is to consider the number of household members living with you. It’s crucial to find a home in which everyone in your family will be comfortable. For large families with small children, a house with square footage can be a good option. But you may be able to find a home that’s smaller in size with a better layout. This can work just as well as a big home while at the same time helping you save money. If you plan on having more children later, finding a house large enough to accommodate you is imperative. You will be grateful you planned ahead and saved yourself from the trouble of moving again because of a lack of space. 

  1. Ask yourself whether you will move in the near future 

The decision on how much square footage to settle for can depend on how long you plan to live in this home. A smaller house is better if you are only here for a while and want to move later. You will save some money until you move into your new home. But if this is your forever home, it’s best to find a home that’s the right size for you. Moving long distance can be a hassle, so finding a dream home with the proper square footage is significant. Relocating long-distance, such as to Washington, can be challenging if you do it independently. That’s why it’s best to turn to professionals and make this process easier. You’ll be able to focus on more important things, such as finishing the paperwork and saying goodbye to your friends and family before you move. 

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  1. Plan how you will repurpose the space once your kids leave 

Sooner or later, your kids will move out of the family home. Once this happens, you will gain extra space you can repurpose however you wish. Think about your lifestyle and what you would do with the extra rooms. If you work from home, you can turn this space into a home office. Another smart idea is to create a home gym, which will help you live healthier. But also consider when your children will move out. If you require office space but have young children, it is best to choose a larger square footage home. Once your children grow up, you can downsize to a smaller home. However, with older children, it’s best to go with a smaller home and repurpose the rooms once they move out. You will save some money and have enough space for everything you need. 

  1. The number of items you own can help you decide 

Another thing to consider is the amount of stuff you own and want to bring into your new home. You can purchase a smaller home when you don’t own too many things. Owning a lot of things means having to upsize to a bigger house. You will need to find a home with enough closets and storage space. This way, your home will be perfectly organized and won’t feel cluttered. Before you move into your new home, you can consider decluttering and getting rid of a few things. Not only will you make the moving process easier and more affordable, but you’ll also be able to move into a smaller home. 

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  1. Think about the square footage of your current home 

In order to figure out how much square footage you need, think about your current situation. The best way to decide how big your next home should be is to think about what you would change in the home you live in now. Do you feel like the current size of your home is too small? Or is the square footage of your current home too large? Thinking about what you would change in your home will help you pick the perfect place to live next.

Another thing to consider is the layout of your current home. Maybe the square footage is just right, but the layout doesn’t work. A bad layout can include a tiny kitchen and a living room that’s too big. Luckily, this means you need to find a home of the same size but with a better layout. 

  1. Consider the size of your furniture 

Besides the number of things you own, the actual size of furniture can be detrimental when choosing a new home. If you love having a big couch and a large TV in the living room, a house with more square footage can be the right one for you. A larger home can also be great if you have a large dining room table and love entertaining guests. On the other hand, smaller furniture will give you the opportunity to save some money and opt for a home with less square footage. After all, it’s best to avoid spending money on space you won’t need or use. Large rooms with a few small pieces of furniture can look awkward. Before you make a decision, envision what you want the space to look like. Think about the furniture you will reuse and the furniture you want to purchase. 

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Final thoughts

Once you’ve considered these tips, you will easily reach a decision. When you think long-term, you don’t risk moving into a home that isn’t the right size. How much square footage you need depends entirely on your lifestyle and future plans. In the process, you may even find out that you don’t need a large home. Rather, you may just need a smaller home with a good layout. In the end, you will surely find a fantastic place to call home.

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