How to choose a neighborhood in Seattle

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If you are thinking about moving to the Pacific Northwest, think no more – Seattle might be an ideal place for you. The Emerald city is becoming one of the most attractive locations to live in the US. Its population has grown an impressive 18% since 2010! The largest city in the Evergreen state has a place for everyone. We’ll try and help you choose a neighborhood in Seattle according to your needs and preferences regardless of whether you plan to move from one part of Seattle to another or are coming from a different city or state.

Why Seattle?

If you already live in Seattle, you can skip this paragraph – you already know what makes this city so amazing and a great place to live. But if you need more convincing, below are only some of the many reasons why moving to Seattle is something you should seriously consider.

  • Job market – Many companies choose Seattle for their headquarters. For example, Amazon is located here, which results in many job opportunities. 
  • Always something to do – Seattle is surrounded by fantastic nature. There are lakes and mountains that stretch for miles. If you love adventures and spending time outside, you will never be bored here.
  • Tax benefits – There is no personal income tax in 7 states, and Washington is one of them.
  • Real estate heaven – in Seattle, you have the possibility to become a homeowner regardless of your credit score.
  • Education and sports – Seattle is a great place for raising kids as it offers high-quality education. Also, it is home to many sports teams.

On top of this, it is interesting to know that Seattle is the fourth most hipster city in the world, the most dog-friendly city, and one of the friendliest cities in America. Seattle is also known for its coffee culture and has plenty of restaurants. Some even say that, outside of Japan, you can taste the best sushi in the world here.

How to choose the right neighborhood for you?

In order to choose a neighborhood in Seattle, set your expectations and search according to your needs. Would you like to live in an urban or suburban area? Does your new home need to be near a school, or would you like to have a craft brewery down the street? Are you interested in buying or renting a property, or are you looking into rent-to-own options?

Other things to have in mind:

  • Will you use public transport?
  • East or west side?
  • Frequent flyer or not?
  • Do you plan on using a car?

You need to consider and analyze all of this before you choose where to settle down in Seattle.

Neighborhoods in Seattle

Out of so many diverse neighborhoods in Seattle, we have several that offer different things and suit different interests. Hopefully, you will be able to find one that is a perfect fit for you.

Are you looking for a suburban feel?

If you are looking to escape the city noise and enjoy some peace and quiet, there are several Seattle neighborhoods that offer a suburban feel while still being close to the city.

West Seattle

One of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Seattle will definitely leave you speechless. It is perfect if you want serenity, but it is still close enough to the city. It is known for year-round farmers’ markets and great restaurants and shopping centers.


There is plenty of real estate at your disposal in West Seattle, but the homes might be smaller than what you are used to. If you buy a home smaller than your previous one, you might have trouble figuring out what to do with your items. Luckily, there is a solution, and it comes in the form of a storage unit. It’s very easy to find storage that meets your needs in West Seattle; just make sure to prepare and protect your belongings properly.

Queen Anne

This instantly recognizable neighborhood is known for its specific architectural style. The area is actually named after it. If you are looking for a suburban house with a nice backyard and fence but still not too far from Seattle’s urban parts, Queen Anne is an ideal place for you.

The houses are located all across the highest hill in Seattle, which gives you a great view. Although it’s within the city limits, it is very quiet and low-key. Definitely one of the most affluent parts of Seattle!

Craving city life?

If you seek exciting nightlife and can’t seem to stay put because you are always looking for something to do, Seattle offers various urban neighborhoods


Can you imagine walking on a sandy beach while looking at a majestic mountain? Well, you no longer have to; simply move to Ballard, and you will be stunned by its beauty. 

Don’t let the scenery fool you into thinking this neighborhood offers only quiet suburban life. On the contrary, you can enjoy so many trendy restaurants, cafes, and clubs. Plus, as this was a Scandinavian village in the past, there are many sights originating from that time, and you simply have to check out the Nordic Museum.


When you think of Seattle, you think of Downtown. It overlooks Elliot Bay and has amazing waterfront properties. It is home to many businesses and Seattle’s cultural center. You can enjoy classical music at Benaroya Hall or The Showbox for other music events and shows.


The best part is – you won’t need a car here. There are plenty of bike lanes, and public transportation is excellent. Also, if you are a party person, you will never be bored here.

Or are you searching for the golden middle?

If you want to have access to fancy restaurants and big-city amenities but still keep that friendly suburban feel, below are the neighborhoods you should consider.


Fremont is a neighborhood with a quirky vibe. This self-proclaimed “Center of the Universe” offers various Asian restaurants, yoga studios, and bike shops. As mentioned, Seattle has a strong coffee culture, and Fremont is home to some of the best coffee shops in Seattle. 

Although its urban side is very developed, this neighborhood has a proper suburban feel, and it’s great for families. Make sure to visit neighborhood events such as Oktoberfest and Fremont Saturday Market.

Central District

This east-side Seattle neighborhood is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to achieve a balance between the urban and the suburban in their everyday life. You can count on various cultural activities, great bars, and nightlife, but at the same time, you’ll maintain the residential feel.

Central District is known for its fantastic food scene. On the other side, it’s known for its cultural sights, such as Northwest African American Museum and Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute.

In conclusion

Seattle is a city that is constantly changing and evolving. Whether you decide to stick around or not, guaranteed you’ll be back for at least a visit. If you do decide to choose a neighborhood in Seattle and settle here, we can help with providing housing advice and options. There are many reasons to buy a property via rent-to-own, so feel free to reach out, and we’ll provide you with the necessary information and guidance. Welcome to Seattle!

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