Pros and Cons of Renting with a Roommate


At one point, everyone wanted to become independent and live alone. That life can also be with a roommate. Roommate life can be ideal and perfect, but it can also be terrible. It all depends on how many pros and cons of renting with a roommate there are. It also depends on whether you agreed with someone to be your roommate or if you were randomly assigned. You should seriously consider that choice and consider all the advantages and disadvantages of living with a roommate. Having another person to share space with, to breathe the same air in the room, can be a pleasant experience. But there is an equal chance it won’t be a good experience. It all depends. If the compromise is based on a solid foundation, renting with a roommate should not cause problems.

The situation with costs if you rent with a roommate

Saving money is a big advantage. Besides being an advantage, it is also one of the things to know before you rent with a roommate.  The good thing is that the rent costs are usually divided in half, as well as the other costs of living in a rented apartment with a roommate. Since the group of people who move and become independent from their parents are often students, this means a lot to them. Also, it can be costly to buy all the required kitchenware and furniture. It’s much easier to lead a life when you share expenses with someone. You can arrange everything with good communication and agree on how you will share costs, such as: 

  • paying the rent 
  • electricity payment
  • Internet payment
  • costs related to common household items such as cleaning chemicals, toilet paper, etc.

The financial situation can also have a bad side. If you do not know your roommate well enough, or if he has a complicated financial situation, complications may arise. It can get complicated in the sense that it can happen that he doesn’t have to pay his part of the costs right away, and there can be a delay. You should check to see if your future roommate has the resources to pay the rent on time.

Combination of two households as a carrier of pros as well as cons of renting with a roommate

Combining two households in the light of pro can have multiple meanings. This can be pretty easy in case it is a roommate with whom you rent and planning a shared roommate life. If your potential roommate is a partner, friend, or someone close to you, there should be no problems when moving in. When agreeing on where you both plan what to keep, you should be objective and full of understanding. There is always a choice to put in storage things that are unnecessary for you at the moment but will be there if needed. 

On the other hand, the con of combining two households is also possible. It’s harder when your future roommate is a person you don’t know. It is more complicated to agree on what belongings will be moved in.

Making new connections?

Situations where you move in with an unknown person, be it moving to a new city or country or simply becoming independent, are a double-edged sword. This is an essential part of the pros and cons of renting with a roommate. It is crucial that you know what things to look for when renting with a roommate. Because you tend to spend a lot of time with your roommates, living together could improve relationships.

One of the pros of renting with a roommate is that you can really get to know a person with whom you will maintain contact for the rest of your life. This often means getting along well with each other, making compromises easier, and everything else. The consequences could be less tension and stress when sharing household things in general. Well, even if you don’t become best friends with your roommate, there is still a good outcome. And that is that if you are lonely or bored – you always have someone you can talk to, even if it’s just small talk. 


Or do you regret having such a roommate?

When discussing the con of renting with a roommate in connection with bonding with a person – there are also several things to emphasize. One of the not-so-enviable things is that you will have less privacy. If you are an introvert or need self-time, you will also need privacy. Living with a roommate makes it challenging to act as you please. You still have to think about the needs of your roommate. Also, if your characters, attitudes, and way of life are very different, there may be potential disagreements. For example, if you need silence and want to study, and they want to bring company and socialize – it is more challenging to build an agreement that will suit both sides. One side will always have to adapt.

House arrangement when renting with a roommate

Before moving in, you should discuss and make decisions about the interior of the space in which you will live. Segments such as the position of the furniture, the style of the house, the decoration, and other details should suit both you and your roommate. Of course, as with everything, there are pros and cons in this case as well. You can make sure that you and your roommate have similar or even identical tastes – then this whole part of moving in becomes easier for you. Your roommate’s taste and yours can be complete extremes. It can actually make furnishing the house a bit more difficult. It takes a lot more time to come to an agreement, and one side will always be less content.

Sharing household chores with your roommate

One of the benefits of living with a roommate is, in addition to saving money, it also protects your energy. Household chores like vacuuming, washing dishes, washing windows, and other things take a lot of time and energy. Suppose you do it all by yourself without help. Therefore, if you are thinking about how to know if renting with a roommate contributes to this, it will be vital for you to know the following. Housework may be simpler with a roommate due to the shared duty. Doing housework is half as demanding, and you will spend half the time. There are many ways to split them. Of course, all this is possible if you have a responsible roommate capable of making compromises. 


Here you are at the introduction to another one of the cons of renting with a roommate. Sharing housework can be a benefit, but sometimes it can also be a nightmare. It happens. Your care and understanding of home hygiene’s importance may differ from how your roommate understands it. If your roommate does not keep the house clean, they leave the chores for later or do them once in a million years. Likewise, if your roommate leaves unwashed dishes or, for example, a dirty bathroom behind, in such cases, living together with a roommate can become a complete disaster. That is why it is most important to discuss expectations and obligations and establish rules in your shared home. 

Your schedule and your roommate’s schedule

It’s okay to have a biorhythm that is very different from your roommate’s biorhythm. There is no doubt that it can coincide, which is an ideal case. Otherwise, they may disturb each other in terms of fulfilling their obligations. For example, if you are a student, you may prefer to study in silence, and your roommate must study with music. If, for example, it is one of those students who study at night, it can cause problems. This is exactly one of the reasons why you should think carefully before making the decision that you want to rent with a roommate.


To sum up 

Many people find living with a roommate interesting, challenging and beautiful. In many cases, this indeed turns out to be the case. However, you must not forget and avoid informing about the pros and cons of renting with a roommate. In essence, it is easy to learn everything you need to know. It can be the best experience of your life but also the worst. In both cases, you will learn a lot about yourself and then about sharing things and life in general with another person, whether it’s a random, unknown roommate or a close person. You are richer for one life experience in each of the above cases.

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