Tips for long-distance house hunting in Seattle

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Long-distance house hunting in Seattle is not easy. Even if you are lucky, you need to do ample research and find the right professionals to help you if you are to find a decent home. This article will explore what house hunting in Seattle is like when you don’t live there and hopefully prepare you for the taste ahead.

Long-distance house hunting in Seattle – what to do

While long-distance house hunting isn’t easy, it can be surprisingly straightforward. The whole process has only a few steps that you need to take. But, keep in mind that each step plays a key role and that by not tackling it properly, you jeopardize your entire endeavor. So, step by step, here is what you’ll need to do.

Find a good realtor from Seattle

The first thing to do is find a decent Seattle realtor to help you out. Having one by your side from the get-go will help you avoid numerous rookie mistakes.

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It is usually best to stick with Seattle-based realtors. Ideally, those that also have experience with long-distance house hunting. As they are situated in Seattle, they will keep a close eye on the local real estate. If an opportunity does pop up, they will be able to jump at it much faster than you would on your own. Also, they will be able to use their experience of both Seattle real estate and long-distance house hunting to make your efforts a whole lot easier. All things considered, your realtor will be your best ally during the house hunt. So, do yourself a favor and ensure that you find a reputable one.

Figure out what type of home you are looking for

Simply stating that you are looking for a home in Seattle won’t do your realtor much good. The first thing to determine is what type of home you are looking for precisely. Are you looking for a house or an apartment? A studio or a four-bedroom suite? Furthermore, you need to decide where you would like to live in Seattle. Different Seattle neighborhoods have different pros and cons. And you’d be wise to research them carefully before attempting any serious search.

Figure out your budget

Once you sit down to talk with your realtor, you will have to settle down on a budget. Now, depending on what you are looking for and your situation, your budget can significantly vary. Different financing options are available to different individuals. And in certain instances, you might even be eligible for government aid. While it would be great for your realtor to give you the ins and outs of all this, we suggest you do your research too. See what financing options are available for buying a home in Seattle and whether you are eligible for any benefits.

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Another thing to research is the average home cost in various Seattle neighborhoods. Keep in mind that location plays a significant role in the price of a home. A home in Madison Park will cost a fair bit more than one in Chinatown – International District.

Checking out apartments online

Once your agent has the basic information, they will conduct their search. With luck, it shouldn’t take long before they give you a couple of offers on what they deem interesting. Now, here is where long-distance house hunting can become difficult.

You probably cannot quickly check out the offers as you are not in Seattle. It means that you either have to take a long journey to Seattle (which might not be worth it). Or, you can ask your agent to give you an impression of the home via videos and photos. A quick video showcasing the house in question will give you an idea of whether it is worth checking out in person.

Visit Seattle

Even if the real estate seems great on video, you’ll still need to check it out in person. Firstly, it is not uncommon for realtors to only showcase the positive aspects. After all, it is in their interest to sell you a home, which is why they might be reluctant to point out the bad sides of it. Therefore, whether you like it or not, you will have to pay a visit to the real estate in question before you make any serious offers.


Secondly, you need to see for yourself what the neighborhood is like. City Movers even advise that you rent out a place in the area for a week or two to get a good idea of what it is like. However, this is only possible if you work remotely or take a vacation in Seattle. Even a top-notch article cannot showcase what living in Seattle is genuinely like.

Start organizing your relocation

Once you’ve found a home you want to move into, you need to organize your relocation. Even if it takes weeks to finalize your purchase, we suggest that you start preparing as soon as possible. Long-distance relocation will only be possible if you have reliable movers by your side and if you start organizing weeks in advance. 

Say you are moving to Seattle from Florida. The best course of action is hiring local movers that offer interstate moving services. So if you need to relocate all the way from Florida, opt for experienced Florida movers to help you out. The sooner you contact them, the better.

Final thoughtsWith what we’ve outlined, it might seem that long-distance house hunting in Seattle can be tricky. And it certainly can be. But, this is hardly a reason for you to be anxious. If you follow the tips we gave you, you should experience a relatively smooth house hunt and enjoy your new home before long.

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