What You Need to Know About Renting with Pets    


Although moving to another house is a challenging and complicated process, it is undoubtedly a big and significant undertaking. Things change further if you have pets. Renting a house with pets may require additional conditions. Everything you need to know about renting with pets will certainly not affect the fact that you want pets to live with you for the rest of your life. However, the choice of rental homes you might want to live in can be narrow. This is because some of the houses you might want to move into are not pet-friendly. Do not lose heart because you can find an ideal place with effort and dedication. That’s where you will live happily and contentedly even though you have pets.

You have pets and want to rent a house?

The dilemma about buying or renting a house, which you should choose, what is more suitable, etc., often arises. Maybe you are one of those who have pets and want them with you in your new home. If you want to rent a house, having pets when looking for a house can sometimes bring difficulties. If so, it would most likely mean that you should check out the following:

  • some landlords will not allow moving in with furry pets
  • in some cases, moving in with pets will require extra fees and more extensive deposits 
  • neighbors can sometimes be a problem
  • familiarize yourself with the law and which rules apply to which types of pets 
  • the majority of rentals prohibit animals like rabbits.

Familiarizing yourself with everything you need about renting with pets is crucial. This will save you when you find yourself in a negotiation with the owners about whether they allow the presence of pets or not.


Don’t hide that you have a pet

If and when you are faced with owners who are clear about the pet policy, you better not think about lying that you don’t have a pet. In any case, they can easily find out that you have pets. Also, be honest when it comes to the number of pets. Among the things you need to know about renting with pets is to be totally honest. This will put both you and your pet through a lot of unnecessary stress. Point out to them the biggest advantages of move-in with pets, which they didn’t even know existed until then! If you can, prove to your owners that your pet is characterized by discipline and obedience. That way, you will undoubtedly influence their decision more than if you agree not to have a pet. For example, dogs can serve as neighborhood watchdogs and improve people’s sense of security. 

What you need to know about renting with pets when moving in

When you find a suitable house to rent and secure a place for your little house friends, you might wonder what to do with pets on moving day. During the responsibilities of moving, pets can sometimes get in the way. That is why it is necessary to keep them in a safe area until everything during the move is completed. One of the things you need to know about renting with pets is that the best way is to leave them with someone on moving day. That way, you will keep them safe and free yourself from worries when moving. It’s perfectly okay to ask your friends or family to spend some time with your pets while you do the moving.


Get ready to invest more money in renting an apartment

Having pets often means investing more money in a deposit when renting a house. This is definitely one of the main things you need to know about renting with pets. Property investors frequently worry about any damage they might do to their investment. In addition, discussing the price of the deposit and fees with the proprietors is not impossible.

In any case, when you find your new pet-friendly rental, some guidelines will be helpful. Especially if it is about moving into your first rental home, you should consult with friends and people who have gone through the same experience. The advice you will receive will be of help to you. And in this way, you will prepare for everything that awaits you when moving with pets.

The help you need when moving does not only mean taking care of your pet. Actions you need to do, items you need to relocate, and many other things require a lot of effort and time. To make it easier for yourself, excalibur-movers.com offers you many types of assistance during moving day – storing your items during the move or professional help with your relocation. Experts are there to provide you with services during the move, which will help you to make it go smoothly. 

Show your pet in the best light

What you need to know about renting with pets is that there are owners who are ready to negotiate whether they allow a pet in the rental house or not. In some situations, owners will want to meet your pet. On such occasions, you should show the true face of your pet. Milo is a sweet, obedient, and friendly pet that is well-behaved enough not to cause damage to the house. If negotiations fail, the pet may be responsible for changing the owner’s mind. If it is a pet-friendly rental house – a tenant must demonstrate that his pet is trained and socialized enough. 

Confirmation that your pet is suitable for the home

Owners will sometimes want to receive some confirmation in addition to your words. Even if they get to know your pet. In these situations, it would be best to provide a written document from your current rental. Neighbors can also write their impressions and experience staying in the neighborhood of you and your pet. In this document, you can include any information that will present your pet in the best possible light. In this way, you certainly increase the chances that your intention and desire to move in with your beloved pet – increases.

If the owner changes his mind and allows the pet in the house

If you come across a rental that does not have a pet policy, or if the owner changes his mind and allows a pet in the house, you should pay attention to a few things. The most crucial obligation you have is to exhibit responsibly. If you have a dog as a pet, keep it from barking. From the moment you move in, you should ensure that your pet does not damage anything in the house. If it comes to it, pay for the damage and make all necessary preparations for a fast repair. If you react on time, behave responsibly, and have your obedient pet, you should have no problems living in a rental house.

Pay attention when deciding which home to rent

When choosing, you should pay attention to whether there are any plants or things that can be dangerous for animals. A home may seem ideal and excellently equipped, but at the same time, it does not have to imply pet friendliness. Pay close attention to whether the apartment has furniture or items that can injure your pet. Of course, you will ensure that the apartment contains all the favorable conditions for the life of your pet. But your pet also needs to adapt to a new environment and a new space. Take as much time as you need and make the right decision about which home to rent. The secret is to search for properties that are expressly marked as pet-friendly. Also, be ready to demonstrate that your pet is secure.


To sum up 

These are some of the essentials you need to know about renting with pets. Renting a suitable space for you and your pets is not easy. However, knowing you always have someone to come home to has no price.

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